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Student Clubs

Industrial Visits of Students

The students of this department are given technical exposure to the industry around Gurgram to increase their horizon by organising educational and industrial visits to organisations like Airport Authority of India, Indian Air Force Station Tughlakabad, Huwaei, HCL, Cyber Parks etc.

Extra Curricular Activities – ECE dept

The department encourages extra curricular activities amongst the students to take part in Inter College, Intra University and Intra College Technical Quiz competetions, Technical Project Competetions, Technical festivals, sports and cultural festivals held inside our college as well as in other colleges, Blood donation camps, camps for cleaning neglected areas and roads of near by villages for inculcating healthy competitive spirit and leadership qualities as well as selfless service to the society as well as educational visits to places like Nainital. Dharmashala

In addition to above this department has formed following technical clubs involving the interested students of all departments to develop their technical and organisational capabilitiess and team spirit under guidance of dedicated faculty:

  • Robotics Club: It encourages the students to develop electronic projects on automatic control operations by mechanical robots.
  • Amateur Radio Club: It encourages the students to establish electronic communiucation links using permitted band of frequencies for young amateurs.
  • Electronic Club: It encourages the students to learn about actual usage of various electronic components in commonly useful circuits and develop minor and major projects which can be used in solving problems in society.