B.Tech - 2018
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B.Tech-2018 (LEET)
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MBA/BBA - 2018
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B.Tech (CSE)

Technical Clubs and Actor

S No. Technology Days Student coordinator Faculty
1 DOT NET Monday Thrusday Mr. sonoo Ms. Anumeha
2 ANDROID Monday Thrusday Friday Mr. Shakir Dr. Avinsh
3 PHP Tuesday Wednesday Mr. Akash Ms. Rosy
4 Digital Marketing Tuesday Friday Mr.Manoj Ms. suman
5 Embedded Tuesday Wednesday Mr. Shakir Ms. Garima & Mr. Gaurav
6 C++ Thrusday Friday Mr.Ajay Dr. Avinsh
7 Java & Ad java   Mr.Abhimanyu Dr. Avinsh


Techology clubs are doing wonderful and we expect that every students of CSE department will be able to devlop project by the end of this semester. Following are some pics in which CSE students are giving training to other students.